With just under one week left until prom, the drama at Undisclosed High School is escalating to monumental proportions! Read these two very different accounts and help piece together the drama!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lalalaaaaaa Koromi :]

Pfffft Zuzu (which I hate calling her that in real life btw) is exactly as she sounds, but! there are things she leaves out of her story >:] BUT! more about that later, this is supposed to be a bio...

Anyway! I'm Koromi Lala, but I'll go by Lala in this blog. Since it's shorter and easy to remember :D I know Zuzu in highschool, same grade, shared classes. We met freshman year when I WOULD NOT leave her alone in art class, low and behold we're best friends now :] Love her!

To begin, I'm seventeen years old and I'm a junior at [UNDISCLOSED] highschool! Growing up I often found myself made fun of by the mass majority of the student body either because of my personality, weight or hair. Through the process I grew stronger, and over time I went from being that chubby girl to the curvy girl. My hair went from frazzled to thick brown curls, and my face evened out and clear up after middle school. The chest I have is called a variety of nicknames due to the size, and often times I find it hard to keep a guys attention at my face rather than my boobs. It's stereotypical I know, but it DOES happen. xD I have huge blue eyes and pale skin, guys says they are easy to stare into. Kind of creepy O.o I'm a gamer, a reader, a writer, a lover and a fighter. >:D I love my weapons like I love my family. And that dear reader, is more than you can imagine.
However, my tale is different than Zuzu's, I've dated several guys, one of which we will call tamale, the other we will call Pineapple. I ended both of those relationships for different matters that will come up later, but they influenced me in more ways than one.

My current man, Gamer, is a tall lanky sort, long legs and arms with dark hair and deep brown eyes. I've been with him for over a year and a half :] and I'm so proud of it. He can really piss me off with his lack of balls (metaphorically) sometimes, but other times he says really sweet things and I know he always genuinely means them. I love him very much. <3

But! A problem. A guy I liked years ago is now being ridiculously flirty. And naturally I like banter, so if he flirts I have a bad habit of flirting back. This last week was crazy ridiculous considering this guy (we'll call him lunchable) is super hot. I'm talking like, just him walking around is hot. It's bad. xD
So now I have to deal with my own relationship problems (more on that later) and a guy liking me while I'm in said relationship. What sort of hilarity will unfold?! Who knows. :]

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