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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Introducing: Zuzu!

Hello there beasties, bloggers, and bloggees! I'm very proud to present to you, "Which Seat Do I Take," the blog which will serve as our new life-ranting spot and so on and so forth! I would break an empty wine bottle or cutting a ribbon or something to celebrate, but I'm afraid of harming my computer monitor.

So, for those of you who don't know me (and I'm assuming that's all of you), I'm Zuzu! No, that's not my real name, but if I went by my real name all of the things I'm planning to say to people would get out and I would probably be beaten to death with a toaster or some other painful object.

Now, the story of my life! I'm a dork. Wholly and unconcernedly a dork! That's basically all you need to know. I'm the short, flat-chested girl that always gets labeled as just "the friend." I've never had a boyfriend even though I'm sixteen, and I'm completely fine with that. After all, I've known plenty of guys, but they've just never looked at me like I'm a girl. While all of the other girls developed into lovely young ladies, I continued kicking boys down in the sandbox, watching anime, and reading Harry Potter. I don't wear makeup, I despise contacts and wear enormous glasses, and according to several people, my eyes are scary big and I look insane.

An exciting main character, I know!

So here's my issue this year. I'm a high school Junior, all gushy and tomboy-ey, and I've begun treading on a dangerous issue that you, dear reader, will learn all about in the coming posts! I'll try to keep them brief, so here's the deal simply as simply as I can put it-- I like (gasp) A BOY. This is the third, maybe the fourth crush I've had in my LIFE, and the others didn't work out too well, the last one in particular.

Me: I LIKE YOU FSJOFKSOFKSOKFJ *throws valentines hearts at*
Him: .....ooookay? *ignores*

A heartbreaking development, I know. But this time, it's different, bloggers. This guy, (let's call him Chuu), is a senior, tall, sweet, and gets along with me better than anyone I know. Gushy googly details aside for the time being, my problem is that THIS YEAR ALONE, he has had six girls and three guys confess their love for him. I don't want to be number seven.

Second dilemma-- I asked him to prom, and he said yes. However, he could have easily interpreted it as just friends, because he wasn't planning on asking anyone himself this year.

I'll leave the floor open for my partner in crime to post a bit of information about herself, and we'll continue this in the next post!

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