With just under one week left until prom, the drama at Undisclosed High School is escalating to monumental proportions! Read these two very different accounts and help piece together the drama!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Up To Speed: Zuzu's Drama

I'll try to make this short and sweet, but it'll probably be impossible. I'll start from the beginning... when I first got over my former crush (we'll call him Tropes), and started liking Chuu. The switch was gradual, actually. I had already known Chuu for some time, and he was one of the people that teased me incessantly about liking Tropes. Tropes was in my Japanese class in Sophomore year, but we didn't actually have much in common as I originally thought. I just fawned over him like the pus-muffin I am. But Chuu was in my Japanese Club. We had a lot in common. A LOT.

So naturally, I started talking to Chuu a lot more, but my current Tropes obsession stopped me from having any feelings for him. Sophomore year was the first year I became really in tune to boys. I was confused. Chuu became a good friend, and Tropes was the source of my innermost anguish.

Until, that is, Chuu started dating Goth.

Goth was also in the Japanese Club, and Chuu's Japanese Class. No one really understood the pairing. It's rumored that Goth is so good at manipulating people, that when she started liking Chuu, she convinced him to like her, and they started going out. Goth liked Para-Para, was tall, with short blond hair, reasonably pretty but not gorgeous, and an awesome artist. She was also a complete jerk. All I ever tried to do was give her a cupcake, and she told me I was stupid and my eyes are too big! How rude. Chuu and Goth's relationship ended in July. She broke up with him because he wasn't "manly enough." Chuu was devastated, so we all tried to comfort him. He got over it quickly. They never kissed or anything.

And THAT'S when it sparked. After Valentine's day, my feelings for Tropes went into the proverbial ditch of anguish, and suddenly I didn't care about him. I had liked Chuu a bit before he started dating Goth, but now, my brain was prodding me to look at the possibilities. So when the new school year started, I did. And that's when all of the confusion begins. Chuu is nice. TOO nice. And he only lives around the corner from me. So as we got to know each other, visits became more frequent, and we go on walks every weekday after school with the other kids in my neighborhood (my best friend Bookworm and my ex-best friend, Lard).  TIME SKIP TO A FEW MONTHS AGO!

Chuu is also good at sending mixed signals. One night on Mabinogi (an MMO we play together), I mentioned that I was depressed, my throat hurt, and I wish I had hot chocolate, then I got offline. Ten minutes later, he shows up at my door with a giant mug of hot chocolate, sitting on an adorable little plate outlined with three perfect Tagalongs, because he knows I love chocolate and peanut butter. I am speechless. He leaves with the most amazing grin on his face. Not long after, he wins the dodgeball tournament, and because he doesn't like candy very much (he's a health nut), he gets a Reese's as his prize... and you guessed it... he tapes this candy bar to a piece of paper, puts it on my doorstep, and writes on the paper in orange marker "I won the dodgeball tournament! I don't like candy very much, so I got this! Enjoy!"

This is just some of the stuff. You'll hear about more later. The point is, he does things like this... A LOT. I heard that he did things like this for Goth too. You think then that it would be obvious, right? But no... there's a problem. You're forgetting he's a complete sweetie, and six girls have liked him this year. And you're also forgetting something you don't know yet.

There is a girl I know from Japanese Club, in his Japanese Class, and also a senior. She looks exactly like me, but more feminine, with a large chest and frilly clothes. Everyone calls her my twin, so here, we will call her... Twin. Twin is a flirt, although she is quiet. Chuu likes getting quiet people to talk, and he also feels like he needs to protect short people. Twin falls into these categories. So, Chuu follows her around, teases her, and acts generally friendly. You can see where this is going. Twin likes Chuu too, and flirts with him RELENTLESSLY. Even though she knows I like him, she continues. Twin... has recently become my main competition.

BUT.... I'm the one who asked Chuu to prom. How did I do it, beasties, bloggers, and bloggees? Like a true geek. While we were on Mabinogi, I rented a blimp, and Chuu and I soared above Longa Desert skimming the ground for things to kill. That's when I leaped on the opportunity to bring up the coming promenade!

"So, I heard from Ichi (cut me some slack here, I know a lot of people, but Ichi is basically this guy we're both friends with who refuses to come out of the closet!) that you're not going with anyone to prom!"

Suddenly, the capslock was gone, and the conversation became serious. Oh goodness. "Yeah, so?" So? SO? He sounds so SUSPICIOUS!

"So! That's boring! BORING BORING BORING! Why are you going alone?!"

He explained to me that the only reason anyone needs a date to prom is to dance, and he didn't plan on dancing. I continued my rant about how boring that was for about 10 more words, and then blurted "Instead of going alone, you should go with me!"

Long pause. Blimp continues flying. There's no escape. We're on a blimp. What do we do? We don't crash, that's what.

"Are you srs?"

WELL NO DUH! "Yeah, totally srs!"

"4 srsly srs?" What's that supposed to mean? Don't you believe me?


"I accept this proposal!"

And that's it for now, bloggers and bloggees! You're not quite up to speed, but that's the basic deal! We'll continue this in the next post so I don't flood you with information and lots of reading! Y U NO LIKE READING MOAR?

Lalalaaaaaa Koromi :]

Pfffft Zuzu (which I hate calling her that in real life btw) is exactly as she sounds, but! there are things she leaves out of her story >:] BUT! more about that later, this is supposed to be a bio...

Anyway! I'm Koromi Lala, but I'll go by Lala in this blog. Since it's shorter and easy to remember :D I know Zuzu in highschool, same grade, shared classes. We met freshman year when I WOULD NOT leave her alone in art class, low and behold we're best friends now :] Love her!

To begin, I'm seventeen years old and I'm a junior at [UNDISCLOSED] highschool! Growing up I often found myself made fun of by the mass majority of the student body either because of my personality, weight or hair. Through the process I grew stronger, and over time I went from being that chubby girl to the curvy girl. My hair went from frazzled to thick brown curls, and my face evened out and clear up after middle school. The chest I have is called a variety of nicknames due to the size, and often times I find it hard to keep a guys attention at my face rather than my boobs. It's stereotypical I know, but it DOES happen. xD I have huge blue eyes and pale skin, guys says they are easy to stare into. Kind of creepy O.o I'm a gamer, a reader, a writer, a lover and a fighter. >:D I love my weapons like I love my family. And that dear reader, is more than you can imagine.
However, my tale is different than Zuzu's, I've dated several guys, one of which we will call tamale, the other we will call Pineapple. I ended both of those relationships for different matters that will come up later, but they influenced me in more ways than one.

My current man, Gamer, is a tall lanky sort, long legs and arms with dark hair and deep brown eyes. I've been with him for over a year and a half :] and I'm so proud of it. He can really piss me off with his lack of balls (metaphorically) sometimes, but other times he says really sweet things and I know he always genuinely means them. I love him very much. <3

But! A problem. A guy I liked years ago is now being ridiculously flirty. And naturally I like banter, so if he flirts I have a bad habit of flirting back. This last week was crazy ridiculous considering this guy (we'll call him lunchable) is super hot. I'm talking like, just him walking around is hot. It's bad. xD
So now I have to deal with my own relationship problems (more on that later) and a guy liking me while I'm in said relationship. What sort of hilarity will unfold?! Who knows. :]

Introducing: Zuzu!

Hello there beasties, bloggers, and bloggees! I'm very proud to present to you, "Which Seat Do I Take," the blog which will serve as our new life-ranting spot and so on and so forth! I would break an empty wine bottle or cutting a ribbon or something to celebrate, but I'm afraid of harming my computer monitor.

So, for those of you who don't know me (and I'm assuming that's all of you), I'm Zuzu! No, that's not my real name, but if I went by my real name all of the things I'm planning to say to people would get out and I would probably be beaten to death with a toaster or some other painful object.

Now, the story of my life! I'm a dork. Wholly and unconcernedly a dork! That's basically all you need to know. I'm the short, flat-chested girl that always gets labeled as just "the friend." I've never had a boyfriend even though I'm sixteen, and I'm completely fine with that. After all, I've known plenty of guys, but they've just never looked at me like I'm a girl. While all of the other girls developed into lovely young ladies, I continued kicking boys down in the sandbox, watching anime, and reading Harry Potter. I don't wear makeup, I despise contacts and wear enormous glasses, and according to several people, my eyes are scary big and I look insane.

An exciting main character, I know!

So here's my issue this year. I'm a high school Junior, all gushy and tomboy-ey, and I've begun treading on a dangerous issue that you, dear reader, will learn all about in the coming posts! I'll try to keep them brief, so here's the deal simply as simply as I can put it-- I like (gasp) A BOY. This is the third, maybe the fourth crush I've had in my LIFE, and the others didn't work out too well, the last one in particular.

Me: I LIKE YOU FSJOFKSOFKSOKFJ *throws valentines hearts at*
Him: .....ooookay? *ignores*

A heartbreaking development, I know. But this time, it's different, bloggers. This guy, (let's call him Chuu), is a senior, tall, sweet, and gets along with me better than anyone I know. Gushy googly details aside for the time being, my problem is that THIS YEAR ALONE, he has had six girls and three guys confess their love for him. I don't want to be number seven.

Second dilemma-- I asked him to prom, and he said yes. However, he could have easily interpreted it as just friends, because he wasn't planning on asking anyone himself this year.

I'll leave the floor open for my partner in crime to post a bit of information about herself, and we'll continue this in the next post!